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Lawn Summer Nights began as a tribute to a friend.
Now, it provides a way for others to support their friends & loved ones. Since 2009, over $250,000 has been raised through the events to help those living with Cystic Fibrosis in Canada.




Eva Markvoort spent her life with Cystic Fibrosis, and her mission was finding a cure. With honesty and candour, Eva described her journey and struggles with the disease on her blog, which inspired readers around the world. The award-winning documentary, 65_RedRoses, has touched millions by sharing Eva’s story as she prepared for and underwent a double-lung transplant.

During her time at the hospital, Eva longed for the outdoors, fresh air, and the company of friends. Eva’s vibrant energy and loving spirit inspired friends, including Duncan Gillespie, Andrew Dalik and Graham Dalik, to organize the inaugural Lawn Summer Nights event - which Eva was able to take part in.

Soon after the season ended, Eva's body rejected her recent lung transplant, and she had to return to the hospital. After hanging on for months, in the hopes of receiving a new donor, Eva passed away on March 27, 2010 at age 25.

Eva was a truly magical person, and her legacy is only the beginning. Inspired by her life, her struggle and her story, we're carrying on from where Eva left off; endeavouring to accomplish what she cared for the most - enjoying life, and finding a cure for CF.

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